Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DD#18 Music

For the past two weeks I've gone back to PWOC and will probably continue to go again. It seems really strange sitting in the pew during Praise and Worship. For two years I was playing guitar and singing with the praise team and then had to step back for a number of reasons. I haven't even picked up my guitar in several months. As I sat and listened today I felt that familiar tug on my heart. I've always known that my calling within the church has been music and it is very difficult for me to stand back and not serve in that area. I keep trying to remind myself that this is a time for me to sit and listen as well as a time to relax and enjoy being in the word. I believe we are all meant to serve in some way, but I'm finding that sometimes we need to be able to say no and be part of the crowd. We are not meant to serve continuously. So this is my time to be ministered to...we'll see where God leads me in a month or two...maybe I'll be back to playing or maybe not...in the mean time I think I'll pick my guitar back up and play a song or two...

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