Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DD#12 Thankful Part 2

Continuing yesterday's post about what I'm thankful I'm thankful for my oldest daughter, Megan. She has become such a responsible young lady. She is also very funny, creative, smart, and caring. As I think about having to get the house ready for company, I know that I can count on her to help me and not just make bigger messes! This past Saturday she went to a training course to earn her Program Aide pin so that she can start working with younger Girl Scouts. Sunday afternoon she asked me if she could do an activity with my younger troop the following day. She got everything ready and then successfully did the activity with the girls. The girls had a great time and it ended up taking most of our meeting time. After that she and our other Cadette helper played games with them until it was time to go. The best part of it all is that after we got home and I thanked her for her help, her response was "I have fun working with them, can I do it again?" I became a little teary eyed thinking about what a good mom she'll be someday. She and I are a lot alike and as she gets older it is fun to be able to share things like books, movies, shoes, and sometimes little treats after the younger girls have gone to bed. When she was little she was a lot like Anna in that she was temperamental and threw fits often. I remember thinking how am I going to be able to have more kids if this is how she is going to behave? I praise God that she has outgrown that. Its amazing to see how God has worked in her life so far.

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