Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DD#26 Control

I have a 5 year old with control issues. This is nothing new, but seems to be worse when Daddy is gone. The issue lately has been as simple as getting dressed in the morning in order to go to school. Even picking clothes out the night before doesn't seem to remedy this situation. This morning she was almost 40 minutes late. I really don't get it because she loves school and seeing her friends. She has a wonderful teacher. When I took her in this morning I talked with her teacher for a few minutes to make sure that these behavior problems were isolated to our home. Her teacher said that she has been fine at school. Then she gave me a recommendation...if she won't get dressed, bring her to school in her pajamas. I'd thought about it before, but now that the teacher is on board with it I think I just may do that. As she gets older I keep hoping she'll grow out of it and learn to be more flexible. Its days like this that I have to remember that she can be sweet and funny because its the only thing that keeps me from running away!!

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