Sunday, December 5, 2010

DD#23 Crazy Busy

As much as I hate my kids being sick, I'm sort of glad that Megan and Anna aren't feeling all that great today. Anna's allergies are acting up which makes her asthma flare and Megan seems to have a light case of the flu. I really don't like backing out on people at the last minute, but it’s better than making other people sick or making my kids suffer because of an obligation.

The reason I like this is because my house has been suffering the effects of a busy week. The laundry is taking over, the kitchen floor is sticky with who knows what, and my bedroom looks like a tornado hit it, just to name a few of the hot spots in the house! Maybe I can call this Deployed Spouse With Too Many Kids Syndrome? One of the ways my husband compliments my personality is that he is the neat and organized one and I seem to be more compelled to fight my disorderly instinct and keep more on top of the housework. I guess you could say he's my motivation. Motivation doesn't seem to help too much when its halfway around the world!

So the goal today is to get the house back in order before we start a new crazy busy week!

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