Sunday, August 28, 2011

DD#290 Out of place

Being surrounded by couples is always hard for the wife of a deployed soldier. For me it's worse when it's an event that my husband would have enjoyed. I know had he been with me last night, that we would have been all over that dance floor two steppin'. Now on the tail end of our third deployment, I'm somewhat used to this feeling and so I just push it to the side and keep going. I still had fun with some good friends last night.

What really made me feel out of place though was my run in with a woman with no ties to the military. Our kids go to the same school. I probably never would have talked to her except that I was watching a friend play blackjack with several of our other friends. All of their husbands were on the other side of the room when this woman goes and sits down in the middle them and starts talking. She has a dress on that's way too short and of course she's showing some cleavage. Oh and she seems to be drunk. So I thought I would go distract her a little bit and strike up a conversation. I went over and introduced myself and told her our kids went to the same school. So we got to talking about what grades our kids were in etc..Then she asked me something that caught me off guard..."So what do you do? Or do just really support stuff like this?" At first I said something about being a stay at home mom, but before I could mention that my husband was in the army, she was distracted by her friends who had been trying to find her.

On my drive home that night, I realized she wasn't really asking me what I did...she wanted to know how I could afford to be at this fundraising event. It hit me then, she's seen me around the school and was obviously trying to figure out how we had the money to attend something like that. It's good thing she wasn't nearby when this revelation struck. I don't get all dolled up to go get my kids from school and we don't go to the country club. I'm still slightly reeling from the fact that she even asked that question! It's a good thing our kids aren't in the same grade. I love the school my kids go to, but I think some of the parents need a good attitude adjustment!!

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