Monday, January 31, 2011

DD#80 Ouch!

Why are projects never as easy as we think they are going to be? The wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom was peeling off the wall. There was also a section of wall where there wasn't any wallpaper. I think maybe the people who did it ran out or something. When I started this, I thought that it would be simple, just take the wallpaper down and then paint. Easy, right?

As I started taking the wallpaper down, I realized why they put wallpaper up in the first place...they did a poor job of putting the bathroom in. It was obviously a do it yourself project, that wasn't done so well. So now I'm scrapping wallpaper backing off and sanding down parts of the wall. Its taking a lot longer to get the walls ready for paint than I thought it would at first.

Now my back is killing me! I'd like to finish it tonight, but I don't see that happening. Gotta love home improvement projects gone awry...

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